The sleep phases of life: young and old sleep differently

Children are best supported with soft to medium-hard mattresses

The human body evolves over the years and develops different sleep requirements. Babies spend up to 16 hours a day for mental and physical development as well as to process new impressions. But they still have to get used to a solid bedtime. In adolescence, adequate sleep should compensate for the hormonal disparities of concentration and aggression. Here also starts the school against the biological clock of the adolescent. Working against our internal clock is difficult and should generally be avoided.

Toddlers and adolescents are well enough due to their light weight on soft to medium-hard mattresses – a rigid slatted frame without special spring support ranges. It is important that the cushion has an optimal height and strength so that the mattress and pillows support the spine well and the body can develop unhindered. Mattresses for children and babies should contain no or only small amounts of contaminants that can attack and damage the immature immune system. Do not miss to visit our website to find a comfy bed for you at and sleep comfortably.

Mattresses for adults depending on height and weight as well as heat sensation

Fulfilling the need for sleep is increasingly difficult as an adult under today’s conditions because bringing together work or study and family often succeeds only under stress, which often leads to chronic sleep problems. Lightweights, for example, are suitable for soft mattresses, but in addition to the weight and the physique, disease-related abnormalities and a larger than average height may require a firm, supportive or gentle mattress at the required places. Seniors have a greatly reduced sleep requirement of just six hours or less.

The senior-friendly mattress should not be too strong due to the increased pressure sensitivity, yet support well. A motor frame can store the head or legs higher and thus promote blood circulation. A bed in chair height, for example, a box spring bed, makes it easier for older people to get in and out and protects the joints. Furthermore, a dry sleeping climate and your own feeling of warmth and cold determine the well-being in bed, no matter in which phase of your life.