How does the bed or mattress improve sleep?

Up to 30% difference in performance between good and bad sleepers? For athletes, 30% means worlds. With 30% less energy, you cannot perform good athletic performance and also achieve no training effects.

For example, if you go jogging for 60 minutes and then sleep badly, it could have been easy. The training effect does not occur during training, but in the regeneration phase afterward. And if that is not effective, the body will only take care of the necessary energy intake for the day ahead, not the training effect.

How does the bed or mattress improve sleep?

The right degree of hardness

Here we would like to discuss three things in more detail. When the body is praying for a too firm sleeping pad, too much pressure is exerted on the body. And pressure is the main enemy of the musculature, the cardiovascular system, and the joints. With tense muscles, constricted vessels and compressed joints cannot sleep very well.

Support for the spine

Second, one should be aware that our spine supports the body. A broken spine can greatly affect life. The spine should, therefore, be perfectly stored during the regeneration phase.

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Well ventilated

One fact that is equally important, but often underestimated, is that the bed climate must be right. Here, the ventilation of the entire bed is crucial, because the body releases at night through the skin a lot of moisture. If it can not evaporate or be transported away, you sleep in its own juice.

This is not only not unhygienic, but also disturbing for a good Regeneration. The body is then busy regulating its temperature and has no time for rest.

When a bed is well equipped, the body does not experience pressure, is well supported (especially the spine) and experiences an excellent bed climate. So do not let your next purchase of bedding such as mattresses or blankets dazzle you from promises of advertising, but question them exactly these three points.

What else can I optimize?

  • Look for a bedroom temperature of 16-18 degrees.
  • Switch off, redundant current collectors. Keep calm and darkness.
  • Do not take any heavy meals in the last 2 hours before going to bed.
  • Do not read too exciting books or watch tragic movies. The contents stay in your head for a long time and prevent peaceful sleep.